Episode 15 - The Wellness Glow Livestream - Suzanne Taylor-King

The Wellness Glow Livestream - Say Goodbye to Stress and Fatigue and Hello to Radiant Health is an event I hosted in May 2019 where I brought together 3 other women in the wellness field to discuss practical ways women can manage stress and fatigue in their lives. This event ran for 3 hours and I’ve had many requests to put it on the podcast in smaller chunks as the original piece is so long! This week I’m bringing you Suzanne Taylor-King, a certified holistic life and business coach, positive psychology practitioner, author, speaker and total comedian. After careers in the dental field, then building a 7 figure retail chain and developing businesses in retail and finding passion in aromatherapy, nutrition and fitness but then burning out, Suzanne decided it was time to follow her heart and create the life she truly desired, with a business that enables her to work on her terms, follow her passions and help high-level clients to gain the clarity, connection and power to access and step into their full potential with maximum health and limitless energy. In less than 5 years Suzanne created a dream mentoring practice, while raising her son and spending more time doing the things she loves. Now guiding others to consciously create the success and fulfilment they dream of. Suzanne is currently based in USA, New Jersey but travels often for business and pleasure. When not running her business Suzanne often will be mixing and blending essential oils or creating magic in the kitchen, and she enjoys being outdoors and in nature in her spare time, paddle-boarding, biking and on adventures with her family.

You can follow her on Instagram @suzannetaylordwellness or find her at www.suzannetaylorlifecoach.com