This is NOT a group program.



With my support, discover how to live your life with abundant energy and vitality as we uncover what's working for you, and against you, in your journey to radiant health.



When it comes to making lifestyle changes and creating new habits, consistency and motivation is the key.  Radiant Health Mentoring is a wellness intensive, and it's so much easier to make the changes that will give you healthy habits for life when you are immersed in this.

Radiant Health Mentoring is completely tailored to your needs with the flexibility of combining sessions together as you need it.  Imagine having a mini health retreat on a Sunday afternoon with 2 hours of restorative yoga (deep rest) plus an amethyst crystal Gua Sha facial - delicious!  It's all part of this program and completely up to you how you want to manage our sessions together.

I'm setting you up for success with 12 Face-To-Face consultations over 14 consecutive weeks.


At your initial 'Welcome' session we'll spend 75 minutes together having a deep dive into your current health so that we have a clear picture of your desired future health.


We'll have a shared understanding of your health vision and desired outcomes so I can support you fully to reach them over the course of our time together.


We also have eleven hours of consultations together, some will be nutrition and or naturopathy, some will be yoga, some will be meditation/mindset coaching PLUS I also give beautiful amethyst crystal Gua sha facials. You can mix it up and have a double session to meet

your individual health goals - like a mini health retreat!


Your Personal Wellness Mentor On Call. Throughout our Wellness immersion you'll have regular, when you need it, access to me to feel supported, to know that you're making the right lifestyle choices, celebrating your successes and getting an inspiration dose when you need a 'pick me up' on the path.


Receive a beautifully bound journal to document your wellness journey and I’ll support you with regular journal prompts to inspire you. Mindset changes begin with understanding your limiting beliefs and overcoming these with proven strategies such as positive self talk, understanding your motivations and getting clear on what your health & life goals are.

Flower Essences.jpg

To support your emotional journey I'll craft a beautiful Flower Essences formulation tailored for you. If you haven't tried Flower Essences before, you're in for a treat.


Access to multiple resources and bonuses during the program, including my own personal wellness library with my favourite reading lists, go to articles, journalling prompts, affirmations, guided meditation downloads and video resources to support you and keep you moving forward even after our time together comes to an end.

I’m feeling so much better, Susie! Being more aware of the protein and nutrients I need definitely helps my day go more smoothly. I’m sleeping so much better and my energy levels are great. I even got my period and wondered where my PMS went!
— R.F., Brisbane