5 Easy Ways to Survive the Festive Season

Here we are again, the Festive Season is here!

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, it's a hectic time of year.

But don't worry, I'm here to help :)

Self care is critical when life gets busy, and it's usually the first thing that falls through the cracks - am I right? Of course I am!

Knowing AND accepting what you can control is one of the keys to keeping some sanity in busy or stressful times. Once you surrender to this concept, and let go of the things you can't control (ie like other people's behaviour!) it can take some of the pressure off yourself.

You can OWN your self care routines and this includes the food that you put into your body. There are so many temptations at this time of year, and I TOTALLY support indulgence - don't get me wrong here :-)

There are some simple tips that I want to share with you to support YOU in your self care when it's party time.

1. Eat something good for you, before you go out. I'll usually have a half serve of a green smoothie (recipe in my free eBook - link below) and it will fill me up just enough so that I don't over indulge in the canapés (or bar snacks, chips, etc) plus there's the added bonus of the extra antioxidants to help survive a potential hangover :-)

2. Drink a glass of water between each alcoholic drink. I know you've probably heard this before, but it's seriously worth repeating. If you're at a work party, where there's pressure to drink, order a soda with fresh lime. It looks like a vodka, lime and soda, it's hydrating and it allows the liver time to start detoxifying the alcohol you've consumed.

3. Plan a healthy breakfast for the next morning. Make sure you've either prepared something you can easily reheat or that you have the ingredients ready to go to make it easy for you to have an awesome breakfast the next day with lots of protein, zinc and B vitamins (think eggs with sautéed greens and tomatoes, a green smoothie, fresh berries and full fat natural yoghurt sprinkled with nuts and seeds, etc). Starting your recovery process with the very next meal will make you feel a lot better, a lot quicker.

4. Prehydrate, and then rehydrate. Drinking a few extra glasses of water on the day of a party or function before you go out can help your body cope with the alcohol and salty foods. Alcohol is very dehydrating so this is important, particularly if it's Summer in your part of the world right now. Rehydrating the next day, perhaps with a little lemon and fresh ginger in your water is also essential.

5. Be mindful. It's easy to get caught up in the festive mood and indulge mindlessly. By being aware of, and making conscious decisions about, what you choose to eat and drink, you regain control and can make better decisions about taking care of yourself.

Keeping life simple by taking care of yourself, will set you up to enjoy your Festive Season - whatever that might look like.

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