My 5 Top Tips for Helping You GLOW in 2019!

Happy New Year!

How has this holiday period been for you? Is it business as usual or are you making some healthy new life changes?

I love how New Year can be that line in the sand that almost 'gives permission' for you to make big changes in your life, especially with decisions around health, eating, exercise, etc. And it is a LOT easier and more fun when there are plenty of people around you who are also motivated and making changes too.

For me, even as a pretty healthy person, it's a time when I also have a look at what I can be doing more of and less of to be even more healthy. I'm not a big believer in making huge changes all at once, as those of you who've worked with me know. I find that small steps are far more achievable and easier to sustain.

Here are my 5 top tips for helping you GLOW in 2019:

1. Choose just 1 or 2 habits to change at a time and focus on these. Rather than saying you want to lose "x number of kilos", forget the number and focus on the habits that will help you get that outcome, such as getting rid of soft drinks, increasing fibre rich foods and decreasing processed foods.

2. Take time out to be in nature, even if it's just standing in your back yard/balcony and looking at the sky and appreciating it for just 5 minutes, no matter what else is going on around you. You'll be amazed how good this is for your outlook on life.

3. Find a friend to make changes with together. You don't have to be making the same changes to be accountable to each other (although sometimes this helps). Just having a weekly (or more often) check in with each other to see how the changes are going is really motivating.

4. Indulge in positive self talk. Be vigilant about what you say to yourself. Negative self talk is incredibly harmful and we sometimes say things to ourselves that we wouldn't even dream of saying to our worst enemy! Consciously bring in positive self talk and notice how this makes you feel.

5. Celebrate every small achievement when you're bringing in new habits! Change is hard. You are amazing and you need to acknowledge and celebrate every small win. Celebrating is as simple as looking in the mirror and telling yourself how amazing you are - for real. Celebrating can also be a small gift to yourself like a massage, whatever it is that makes you feel really good about yourself.

If you feel like you need some personalised support, that's where I come in. I have plenty of free information on my Insta feed & here on my website.

You can sign up for my free recipe ebook and meditation download as well if you haven’t already.

And I'm available for consults in my Wellness Clinic or Skype. Plus my Radiant Health Mentoring program if you really want to treat yourself (trust me, it's a beautiful program). And if you're in Brisbane, I have a Radiant Health Detox Workshop coming up in February. Check out the link here for the details.

And remember, even if you 'fall off the wagon' you can continue to make changes with the very next thing you eat.

Happy 2019!