"Choose your food, choose your future." - Susie Garden

  • Discover how your food choices are improving your health or making it worse. Did you know that almost 70% of your body’s immune cells are in your digestive system? This is why gut health is so important. Learn which foods to avoid and which nutrients you need so your body starts to work properly.

  • Learn how your body heals so you can nurture it though the healing process and find optimum health.

  • Understand how intentional movement helps the body to stay healthy and to calm the mind, therefore reducing the triggers of inflammation that can lead to long term health conditions.

  • Say goodbye to that mid-afternoon slump that has you reaching for chocolate, coffee or sugary treat to keep you going and discover easy and natural ways to maintain optimum energy levels and actually nourish your body.

  • Discover how your thought patterns can contribute to your physical condition, and learn to adopt a mindset which heals, not harms.

  • Be surprised at the health impact of the products we put on our skin every day. Discover natural beauty products so you can make the right choices for your body when you shop.

Radiant Health Mentoring will inspire and motivate you to make conscious lifestyle choices which slip seamlessly into your normal day and start recharging you from the inside out.

Through some inspired modifications to your everyday life, you will rediscover the energy and vitality you've been missing. 

I cannot thank you enough Susie for your advice and encouragement during our recent one-to-one session. It can and will have a definite positive
impact on my health and wellbeing. Coming on the back of the presentation you delivered to a group of our staff earlier in the year, can I just say
how incredibly impressed I have been on both occasions. Your level of planning and preparation for these sessions really is exemplary.
Everything was informed by the very latest research, tailored to my context and circumstances and delivered in such a pleasant and encouraging manner.
You have also been so responsive in your follow up to our one-to-one session and have exceeded every expectation I could possibly have had.
You are clearly not just an expert in your field but also a passionate advocate of health and wellbeing, personalising your advice to individual
circumstances. Thank you so much, you are genuinely making a difference in peoples’ lives.
— D.R., Gold Coast, Australia